IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light

by on Mar.09, 2016, under Products

There is no longer any need to stumble around in the dark; turn on blinding midnight lights; fall in the toilet; or aim in the dark and make a mess! Finally!

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Why Every New Macbook Needs a Different Goddamn Charger

by on Mar.23, 2015, under Products

We can make a computer fit in an envelope, but I guess we’re still working out the kinks on the charger.

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The best reason to have a camera with face detect.

by on Oct.22, 2013, under Products

 The best reason to have a camera with face detect.

The best reason to have a camera with face detect.


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I ate what now?

by on Oct.22, 2013, under Products

Oh man… i hate to be the one to break it to you, but you’re eating ___________.

Want to fill in the blank? Have a look at the:
11 Disgusting Ingredients You Eat Every Day That Food Companies Don’t Talk About

Need an appetizer? Quoth Business Insider:

“Starbucks’ use of crushed beetles in food coloring for its frappuccino products—which it had labeled vegan—is merely the tip of the iceberg.

The cochineal beetle, often used in red food dyes, is one of many disgusting ingredients found in everyday foods.

Food companies might advertise natural flavors, low calories and vitamins A through Z, but they’re much less likely to promote their use of  fish bladders, sand or human hair.

And you won’t believe what beaver anal glands—that’s correct—are used for.”

ANNddddd….to name a few:

Ground up Beetles,

Beaver Anal Glands,

Fish Bladders,


Animal Connective Tissue,

Sheep Secretions,


Duck Feathers and Human Hair,


Cleaning Agents,

Rat Hairs, etc.

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Welshman’s ASDA Pizza Complaint

by on Jun.13, 2013, under Products

“No topping? No tomato sauce? What about my dinner tonight?”
“Sorry about that, sir.”

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$7,000 Inflatable AirLounge

by on May.17, 2013, under Products


For your next big party, why not host your guests outside with the inflatable Beach7 AirLounge XL that can comfortably hold up to 30 guests.

The best part about the inflatable AirLounge is that it only takes 10 minutes to inflate and won’t take up unnecessary room in your home after the party is over since it deflates and folds aways for easy storage.

It comes with its own pump and includes a center circular bench or table that can hold food or allow your guests with a place to put up their feet (as long as they’re not wearing pointy heels!).

The only downfall with the AirLounge XL is that you won’t be able to have anything sharp around in case someone accidentally stabs the AirLounge and ruins your $7,000 inflatable furniture.


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Shift it, shift it forward…

by on May.02, 2013, under Services

This guy wrote a catchy little song to get people to visit his transmission shop. If you ask me, he’s definitely sending out a transmission…a transmission of hot grease-monkey love.

Looking for “Ship It”? Look here.

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Ship My Pants

by on Apr.29, 2013, under Services

You did what to your pants, exactly? Ooooh, ship! If you’ve been online at all in the last week or so, you’ve likely seen this amusing and suggestive play on words circulating via social media and traditional news outlets. Who can resist a double entendre that alludes to the gold standard of embarrassing situations? Surely not the Internet.

The fact that a clever one-line concept racked upwards of 13 million views on YouTube in one week is hardly surprising. The fact that it’s a commercial for Kmart, however, is. One hardly expects such boundary-pushing work from the conservative retail sector.

Looking for “Shift It”? Look here.

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by on Apr.26, 2013, under Products

Oh, Internet. You’re wildly addictive; extremely informative; often dangerous; and usually pointless.

Need proof?

Today’s example comes in the form of a youtube video showing a cat dressed in a shark costume riding a Roomba while chasing a duckling. Eventually, a dog in a hammerhead shark costume makes an appearance.


We don’t know. Just enjoy.

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Diss ‘n’ Gauges

by on Mar.07, 2013, under Products

Fun new meter app for iPhone/iPad and Android!

Diss 'n' Gauges - Menu

Because sometimes the best response is an app!

Diss ‘n’ Gauges: Multi-Pack combines all our individual meters into one great application. Are you looking for best and funniest way to start or end (disengage from) a conversation?

The Multi-Pack includes:

  1. BS Detector: Is your friend talking out of their butt? Inform them (and the rest of your party) that you’re not buying it.
  2. Dial Down the B!tch: Is your friend acting nasty or spiteful and it’s exceeding your tolerance level? Inform them (and the rest of your party) that they need to dial it down a bit.
  3. Give-a-Crap Meter: Is your friend droning on and on about something that you couldn’t care less about (say, Crossfit, for instance)? Inform them (and the rest of your party) of your disinterest in a fun way.
  4. Hottie Finder: Looking for a great way to strike up a conversation with that beautiful girl or guy across the bar? Let our Hottie Finder act as a divining rod to direct you to them!
  5. Gaydar: Often find yourself in a dance club, at a karaoke hall, or on a cruise ship with no way to hone-in on the guys around you?
  6. Fuel Gauge: Need some help deciding if you need one more or had one too many? Here’s a quick, clever way to reply to friends when they ask if you’re ready for another round.

All meters react to tapping on the screen. Tap once to trigger, tap a second time to reset.

Get Diss ‘n’ Gauges: iPhone/iPad | Android Phones

Bullshit Detector

Hottie Finder

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