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Brody Criz

by on Mar.05, 2015, under Religion

Billboard TOP 5 Mitzvah Invitation ft. Brody Criz

According to the YouTube description, this is: An invitation to a Mitzvah party with a spin on some #1 hit songs. But no. It’s so, so much more.

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Jesus is my N****

by on Feb.18, 2013, under Music

Lyrics as Follows:
(to be incorporated into your nightly bedtime prayers)

Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth,
I want to teach kids the Christian truth,
if you want to reach those kids on the street,
then you gotta do a rap to a hip-hop beat,

so I gave my sermon an urban kick,
my rhymes are fly, my beats are sick,
my crew is big and it keeps gettin’ bigga,
that’s cuz Jesus Christ is my nigga.

He’s a life changer; Miracle arranger
Born to the virgin mom in a manger
Water to wine, he’s a drink exchanger
And he died for your sin

I preach the word, that’s my gig
And I rhyme better than Notorious B.I.G.
All the other MCs, I wish them well
But if you live in sin, you burn in hell

Now I’ma pass the mic to my lovely wife
She’s a fly MC and the light of my life
So to bust a rhyme without further ado
Take it away Mary-Sue

Jesus Christ is my nigga
He’s the son of the original G
And he was sent to earth to elucidate the way that we should be


Like………… if another MC says you’re a freak
You’re a lame-butt rapper and your rhymes are weak
I don’t get mad and I don’t critique
I forgive him, and turn the other cheek (::spank::)

I don’t blaspheme and I don’t brag
I don’t cuss and my pants don’t sag
I do exude a little christian swag
And I’m proud to be an American

Jesus Christ is my nigga
Let his light shine through ya
Let his love pop a cap in your butt and say hallelujah!
Jesus Christ is my nigga
He’s a homie MC – JC you see?
He’s an honest, caring, peace-loving nigga like me

If you do drugs and you think you’re cool
You need to come to Sunday school
Put those drugs in a garbage can
Stand up tall, you’re a christian man

(Word up, I’m freestyling – Hit me)

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No… this is not cute. But it is viral.

by on Feb.21, 2012, under Music

So, you’ve all heard the Nicki Minaj song, or seen the video.
What makes this viral isn’t their song selection, but rather their song selection.

That sounds like a typo, but i assure you it is not.

Original video, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JipHEz53sU

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Mike Tompkins

by on Oct.07, 2010, under Music

If you ain’t seen this dude yet, you WILL.
He’s bound to be the next internet sensation. No doubt the amount of time & patience he puts into each of these videos (imagine how time consuming this stuff is) will make him pretty famous. Also if you liked this one, here is a short list of some of his others:

Mike Tompkins does: Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA
Mike Tompkins does: Owl City – Fireflies

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Hot Chip – I Feel Better

by on Mar.19, 2010, under Music

I really have no comment on this video. It’s weirdly funny, but that’s all I’ve got. Add this to v1r4l’s growing list of auto-tuned posts.

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Carl Sagan remixed (featuring Stephen Hawking)

by on Sep.23, 2009, under Music

In the tradition of the Slap Chop Rap and the Auto-tune the News, watch a musical tribute to two great men of science. Carl Sagan and his cosmologist companion Stephen Hawking present: A Glorious Dawn – Cosmos remixed. Almost all samples and footage taken from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Stephen Hawking’s Universe series.

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Slap Chop Rap, by DJ Steve Porter

by on Aug.24, 2009, under Products

I’m quite impressed that, regardless of his fantastic mugshot, Vince is still making infomercials. He just swooped right in there with Sham-wow! And while v1r4l partially believes his meteoric rise to fame caused the untimely cocaine overdose of Billy Mays, DJ Steve Porter has helped us prove that Vince is more than America’s current mugshot, and perhaps destined to go down in infamy as the most auto-tuned informercial personality! That’s right Auto-Tune-The-News Guys, we’re challenging you to bring Billy Mays, Richard Simmons, Ron Popeil or any other prime-time-product-pusher into the ring to challenge DJ Steve Porter’s auto-tuned Vince and his Slap Chop rap!

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Everything’s Auto-tuned

by on Apr.23, 2009, under Current Affairs, Internet, Music

For the second time, pundits and news anchors urgently break into song to deliver the news. And one of the best lines?
Well, don’t you worry, baby boo. You’ll always have an angry gorilla to be angry with you. That’s what I do. Just ask Donkey Kong. He’s in my crew.

Here’s the first auto-tuned news. And definitely take a listen to Space People from the Future, too.

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