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Why Every New Macbook Needs a Different Goddamn Charger

by on Mar.23, 2015, under Products

We can make a computer fit in an envelope, but I guess we’re still working out the kinks on the charger.

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Diss ‘n’ Gauges

by on Mar.07, 2013, under Products

Fun new meter app for iPhone/iPad and Android!

Diss 'n' Gauges - Menu

Because sometimes the best response is an app!

Diss ‘n’ Gauges: Multi-Pack combines all our individual meters into one great application. Are you looking for best and funniest way to start or end (disengage from) a conversation?

The Multi-Pack includes:

  1. BS Detector: Is your friend talking out of their butt? Inform them (and the rest of your party) that you’re not buying it.
  2. Dial Down the B!tch: Is your friend acting nasty or spiteful and it’s exceeding your tolerance level? Inform them (and the rest of your party) that they need to dial it down a bit.
  3. Give-a-Crap Meter: Is your friend droning on and on about something that you couldn’t care less about (say, Crossfit, for instance)? Inform them (and the rest of your party) of your disinterest in a fun way.
  4. Hottie Finder: Looking for a great way to strike up a conversation with that beautiful girl or guy across the bar? Let our Hottie Finder act as a divining rod to direct you to them!
  5. Gaydar: Often find yourself in a dance club, at a karaoke hall, or on a cruise ship with no way to hone-in on the guys around you?
  6. Fuel Gauge: Need some help deciding if you need one more or had one too many? Here’s a quick, clever way to reply to friends when they ask if you’re ready for another round.

All meters react to tapping on the screen. Tap once to trigger, tap a second time to reset.

Get Diss ‘n’ Gauges: iPhone/iPad | Android Phones

Bullshit Detector

Hottie Finder

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Do the WOP!

by on Jun.13, 2012, under Internet, Music, Pop Culture

Another reason why the proliferation of cellphone cameras and internal storage has basically exploded viral marketing trends — where-ever you are, no matter what time of the night, even if you have no specialized equipment but your iphone, we can still share something as captivating as a gas-station-impromptu-dance. This particular one — THE WOP.

Exhibit A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WOP_(disambiguation) (the song)

Exhibit B: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wop (the one we shouldn’t say aloud)

Exhibit C:

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Where’s my shower button, Japan?

by on Sep.21, 2010, under Products

In this ad by Sony-Ericsson, the Product Testing Institute brings in models to test three different smart phones.

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Living with Steel Wool Hands (How I Lost my Nipple)

by on Aug.18, 2010, under Products

Have you ever wondered what would life with steel wool hands look like? These days, advertising is getting more
and more bizarre and twisted and CaseMate has proved this right by making this weird ad.

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Go lick a rock or something

by on Apr.14, 2009, under Music


Zany is the doting aunt that spoils the viralsphere rotten. This dude figured that out and (luckily has enough time on his hands to) exploit that. Despite  lotsa leapfrogging and coattails, you’ll probably dig the DONT TRUST ME vid he’s put together. It’s like FRED (his arch-nemesis?) meets STACK THE MEMORY.

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Live iPhone musical performance – Kids by MGMT played on iPhones and iPod Touches

by on Mar.31, 2009, under Music

The Mentalists play Kids by MGMT on their iPhones and iPod Touches, using only apps downloaded from the Apple App Store. Apps used Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth, DigiDrummer Lite.

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